Pura Bella Review: How Safe and Effective Is This Product?

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Pura Bella anti-aging retinol skin cream is an effective anti-aging serum that is specifically designed to deeply rejuvenate your skin and restoring moisture to dry, cracked skin. It has been designed by dermatologists and medical experts to alleviate wrinkles and fine lines in an effective and efficient manner. The function and the structure of skin changes with age. These changes in the aging process hinder the skin’s defensive barrier, resulting in its vulnerability and dry skin, which, in turn, accelerates the apparent signs of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines in our skin. Although you cannot turn back hands of time, but you can combat wrinkles and fine lines.

What’s in the anti-aging cream?

Pura Bella Anti-Aging Retinol Skin Cream
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A team of experts from the University of Barcelona discovered a remarkable compound known as Antarcticine located at the bottom of glaciers in the Antarctica region. This compound has been clinically tested and proven to augment elastin production by approximately 114%. The experts kept studying this particular compound, which finally led to the creation of Pura Bella- the exclusive anti-aging cream that protects the skin from sun damage, free radicals and other components that make the skin look older.

Manufacturer Information

The Pura Bella Anti-Aging Retinol Cream is a creation by Pura Bella. The company is known to produce a wide range of skincare products, targeted to women who want to get rid of unwanted wrinkles & fine lines and bring back their youthful glow.

How Does Pura Bella Work?

The exclusive blend of active ingredients in the cream stimulates elastin and collagen creation, in turn augmenting skin protection and suppleness. The mixture of clinically proven components functions simultaneously to repair, renew and restore the dermal matrix of the skin. This complete process on the cellular level tightens skin’s composition and increases its moisturization to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. With over a 95% success rate, Pura Bella anti-aging cream enjoys a worldwide support of women who swear by it as their preferred skincare formulation.

Active Ingredients

The manufacturer, Pura Bella, does not provide the list of ingredients on its website that are used in their product. According to the brand, the product is made of natural organic ingredients, and no additives, fillers, chemicals, synthetic substances, or other harmful ingredients in the formula.

  • Retinol – A pure form of Vitamin A which is essential for all healthy skin. It has astounding anti-aging quantities that can remove fine lines, wrinkles, etc.
  • Antarcticine – A peptide it is effective for hydrating and conditioning the skin; also boosts the collagen and elastin levels.
  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 – An amino acid peptide that penetrates both the epidermis and  dermis to promote healthy tissue growth and collagen production.
  • Idebenone – Belonging to the family of Co-enzyme Q10, it is a powerful micronutrient that fights free radicals.
  • Marine Collagen – This fibrous protein that contains antioxidants which reverses skin damage due to environmental factors. It is extracted from saltwater fish.
  • Retinol Molecular Film – The molecular film acts as a delivery system for topical retinol (prescription retinoid)
  • Skinmimics – Improves component bioavailability, acts as a delivery system.
  • Sodium PCADerivative of naturally occurring amino acids, it is a natural humectant that conditions the skin.

Pura Bella Advantages

  • Mitigation on the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Augmented skin’s elasticity and collagen production
  • Minimizes scars and pores for a smoother and fairer complexion
  • Provides epidermis with enough hydration for the day
  • 100% Pure Natural
  • Absolutely NO fillers or any other artificial ingredients
  • Prepared in a certified laboratory
  • Made for all skin types

Pura Bella Disadvantages

  • Not approved by FDA
  • Not recommended for minors under 18

Side Effects of Pura Bella

Based on reviews that we can find online, Pura Bella Anti-Aging Retinol Cream is safe and there are no known side effects when using Pura Bella.

Dosage and Directions for Use

Pura Bella is very effortless to use and can be quickly to absorb into the skin. Pura Bella recommends these three simple step process that you need to follow, which requires you to cleanse your skin using a gentle moisturizer, nourish it using the skin care formula, and enjoying the stunning results after you allow it to absorb into your skin. To fully absorb into the skin, you should wait before you apply anything else to your skin surface.

How Long Will It Take to See the Results?

The results may vary depending on your skin type, skin damage, personal expectations, and other factors.

Where to Buy Pura Bella Anti-Aging Retinol Cream

You can buy it directly from the manufacturer by visiting its official website. Remember that, there is some fake product out in the market so it’s better to buy it from its official website.

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If you are in the market for a retinol based anti-aging cream, you can not go wrong in choosing Pura Bella Anti-Aging Retinol Cream. It does not contain any harmful chemicals, toxins, or paralyzing chemicals. It only uses 100% natural organic ingredients known to safe for all types of skin. With the Pura Bella Anti-Aging Cream, your skin will look younger.

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Renews Skin and Boosts Collagen
Diminishes Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Improves Skin's Texture and Firmness
Potential to Lighten Dark Circles
Prevents Skin Cell Aging
pura-bella-reviewPura Bella anti-aging retinol skin cream is an effective anti-aging serum that is specifically designed to deeply rejuvenate your skin and restoring moisture to dry, cracked skin. It has been designed by dermatologists and medical experts to alleviate wrinkles and fine lines in an...