7 Secrets to Remove Wrinkles and Uneven Skin Tone

7 Secrets to Remove Wrinkles and Uneven Skin Tone

7 Secrets to Remove Wrinkles and Uneven Skin ToneA thin, sagging skin, especially on the face, identifies wrinkles. It might be hard to get rid of wrinkles, but there are secrets which help get rid of them entirely. Uneven skin tone is the discoloration of the skin caused by excess exposure to the dangerous UV sun rays. The primary causes of wrinkles and uneven skin tone are age, health problems, acne, contraceptive pills, hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy and too much exposure to pollution and other environmental factors such as agricultural chemicals. Everyone desires to have a youthfully smooth and beautiful looking skin hence these secrete will be of great help to help attain the beauty desires of many.

The 7 Secrets: How to Remove Wrinkles and Uneven Skin Tone

1Sugar Scrub

Sugar being a natural exfoliator helps to make the skin smooth and free from wrinkle or discoloration. Make the sugar scrub with ingredients such as coconut oil, raw sugar some warm water and moisturizer of your choice. The ingredients are mixed to form a paste apply to the affected area. You are supposed to wait for about 20 minutes where you rinse with warm water and then pat your skin to dry. This scrub clears all type wrinkles inclusive of upper lip wrinkles.

2Use of Raw Papaya

The papaya contains anti-aging components that clear the wrinkles from your skin. It should be used as a face mask and rinsed after 15 to 20 minutes. After drying the face, you are advised to use one of the top 10 wrinkle creams to fasten the results. Repeat this for one week, and you will enjoy a beautiful, smooth skin, as you desired.

3Use of Wrinkle and Anti-Aging Creams

Radical skincare and Pura Bella are some of the top 10 anti-aging creams that work. They can remove lines and give an even and bright skin tone. They are capable of removing the upper lip wrinkles without causing harm to the lips. These creams should be handled with care to avoid contaminating the eyes. Apply the cream before sleep on the clean face where you have to wash your face and dry it before you apply them.

4Tomato Pulp

It is another natural method of clearing wrinkles and uneven skin tone. The tomato contains antioxidants that are so beneficial to the skin; it also contains vitamin C and A that work together in maintaining a clear and smooth skin. You just have to mash a ripe tomato and apply the juice on your face for 15 minutes then rinse using warm water. This procedure should be repeated twice a day for a period of two-weeks. You need to be patient and disciplined in following the procedure for best results. Tomato contains lycopene, which is responsible for making the uneven skin even and clearing all wrinkles.

5Cinnamon and Lemon Juice

Pure lemon juice are responsible for making the skin have an even color due to the citric acid. For both wrinkles and uneven skin tone remedy, all you need is a mixture of cinnamon and natural lemon juice. To make the paste, you need a tablespoon of cinnamon and one fresh lemon. Squeeze the lemon juice into a clean container and add the cinnamon powder to make the paste then use cotton to apply on your skin. Wait for about 15 minutes and then rinse with clean, warm water then dry your face with a clean cloth. If your skin is sensitive, all you need is to add some water to the paste before apply on your skin. This paste should be applied twice a day for two weeks.

The results are amazing since the skin tone becomes even and smooth free from wrinkles.

6Yogurt Mask and Milk Powder Paste

Yogurt is a product from milk, which is used to clear wrinkles especially the upper lip wrinkles. Yogurt and milk powder contains a bleaching agent that is capable of making the skin tone even. Mix the milk powder with some water, and the paste is applied on the face using a cotton wool, which is left to react for 15 minutes. It is then rinsed with warm water where you dry with a pat using your clean hands. This paste clears off wrinkles and makes the skin tome even.

7Don’t Smoke and Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water, i.e., above 2 liters a day as this helps the skin to stay fresh, keeping off all signs of wrinkles. Avoid smoking, which causes skin dryness coupled with the formation of wrinkles and uneven tone.


All the above seven secrets are lead to a wrinkle free skin with an even tone. You just have to be disciplined and follow up the process strictly. You can stay and look younger for as long as you want with these beauty secrets.