Skin Problems? These Are The Best Moisturizing Masks!

Skin Problems? These Are The Best Moisturizing Masks!

Skin Problems? These Are The Best Moisturizing Masks!You’ve probably been looking for a face mask that is both nourishing and moisturizing but haven’t found anything yet. First of all, recent studies proved that not all expensive creams are efficient, which means that you will have to establish a new set of rules when deciding to buy a certain moisturizer.

Don’t just read the label and throw it in your basket, but try to gather as much information as possible! Another complaint linked to cosmetic products refers to the fact that some of them trigger allergic reactions like irritated skin, redness, and even swelling.

When I was little, I remember that my grandmother had this gorgeous skin with very few wrinkles and that other women her age looked a lot older. She never bought a face cream in her life but was always careful with her beauty routine. I stole her recipes and here is what I use today when I feel that my skin needs help:

Moisturizing mask with cucumber and peppermint

Although you can also use it for other problems, like acne and dryness, this mask proves to be extremely efficient in cases of soreness and dullness, thanks to the amount of water found in cucumbers. All you have to do is mix cucumber with a handful of peppermint leaves using the blender and then apply the resulting composition all over your dry areas. Fortunately, you can leave it on for as long as you like, so take advantage of this time and have a cup of coffee, read a few pages from a book or listen to your favorite song.

Apricots and grapes mask

Mix equal amounts of apricots and grapes using the blender and then apply the resulting mixture to your skin. If you don’t want to scrub your epithelial cells as well, remove the seeds before preparing the mask. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then remove it with lukewarm water. You can also use this mask for your elbows and knees after a long day at the beach.

Castor oil and chamomile extract mask

This type of treatment is designed for freckles, spots, and other similar skin problems. Mix the following ingredients: a tablespoon of castor oil, two drops of chamomile extract, and a drop of lemon juice. Use this mask to massage your face and leave the treatment on for at least 15 minutes. If it stings, just wait a minute and then wash it off with lukewarm water. You can have a steam bath afterward, in order to reduce and even eliminate this stinginess sensation.

Strawberry, lemon, and avocado mask

This is the most moisturizing mask on the list, so you’d better pay attention. Gather the ingredients and give them a good stir or just chop them using the blender. When the composition becomes a thick paste, apply it to your face and stay like this for half an hour. Remove it with a warm cloth.

Yogurt and honey mask

You got that right! There’s nothing more soothing than a tablespoon of yogurt! Plus, you may already have these ingredients in your kitchen, so why wait? Just mix equal parts of honey and yogurt and apply the resulting mixture all over your face. Wait 10 minutes for the health benefits to be released and then rinse with warm water, until your skin no longer feels sticky.

Have you got any other ideas? Just join our conversation on Facebook and let’s talk about what makes us beautiful! And let’s not forget: stay healthy, stay positive! Problems? These Are The Best Moisturizing Masks!

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