11 Makeup and Skin Care Resolutions You Should Make In 2018


11 Makeup and Skincare Resolutions You Should MakeAs we usher in the New Year, I suppose you have made the new resolutions to enhance your beauty. New Year resolution may be a common thing that most people take for granted, but if you take yours seriously, it can indeed make a difference. It is not very late for you to start drafting a list of resolutions. The following are some things that should never be absent in your list when it comes to skin care:

1Never sleep with makeup

Most people are aware that sleeping with makeup is very harmful to the skin, but due to ignorance and laziness, some people make this mistake. Sleeping with makeup makes your skin vulnerable to skin rashes and acne. These infections leave dark spots on your skin giving it a non-uniform color complexion. Therefore, this year make it a routine to remove makeup before retiring to bed.

2Remove makeup before exercise

You might have heard about removing makeup before you sleep but I guess most people are not aware of removing it before you exercise. I am very sure you are not always ready to face the wrath on your skin that comes with working out with your makeup. Carry your makeup removing wipes wherever you go so if you decide to exercise in your free time, you will simply remove the makeup.

3Exfoliate all your skin

Exfoliation is the removal of the old outer layer of your skin to allow the appearance of new younger skin. The old skin layer, always filled with dead cells that can clog your pores causing acne. Applying makeup on the skin with a thick layer of dead cells will produce bad results. Exfoliation your face also removes facial wrinkles that can make you look older.

4Don’t be excited by miracle products

Most women, whenever they hear about a product that would yield them beauty instantly, never hesitate. Most of these products that give you instant positive change to your appearance are likely to give a more immediate adverse change. Consider selecting more natural makeup that you are sure of rather than testing new products or manufacturers. I bet you don’t want to be a victim of failed products.

5Wear sunscreen

In the makeup world, it is all about ensuring you maintain your beauty at all times. Unfortunately, natural things like the sun can be a significant threat to your beauty despite you struggle to apply makeup. To complement the work of makeup on your face, apply sunscreen to shield your skin from UV rays that would damage the skin collagen causing wrinkles or cause sunspots. Prevention is better than cure, so I guess you now know what to do.

6Wash your face regularly

Cleanness plays a significant role in beauty. Wash your face regularly before you apply makeup and adopt a habit to keep it moisturized. Applying makeup on a dirty face will give you the opposite of beauty. However, over-washing can strip your skin of its natural oils leaving it dry, pale and more vulnerable to wrinkles.

7Treat your face regularly

Many natural substances can be used to treat your skin, such as Aloe Vera, tomatoes, olive oil and many others. Treat your face once in a while to make it healthy and look gorgeous.

8Moisturize after washing

If you are the kind of a person who washes your face and fails to moisturize, that habit should stop this year. Pura Bella is one of the moisturizing creams that can help reduce wrinkles.

9Clean your makeup tools after use

Most people do no clean their makeup tools after use and expect to use them for the next makeup session. The skin is susceptible, and using dirty makeup brushes can cause a skin rash.


You might think exercise is only meant for weight loss; it is also useful for removing dirt that can cause a rash on your skin. It also opens up the skin pores ensuring maximum oxygen circulation.

11Choose a diet for skincare

Despite the use of makeup and skincare products, what you eat matters. Include a lot of fruits and vegetables into your diet and drink a lot of water to ensure healthy skin that looks great with makeup.


Being beautiful means commitment. Make this year a year of change, and achieve what you want by making the above tips a part of your New Year’s resolution.