Natural Remedies For Lice

Natural Remedies For Lice

Natural Remedies For LiceLice are a type of bug that install when the host doesn’t have very good hygiene.

Usually, they spread really quickly and can be transmitted through personal belongings, such as comb, hair brushes, or clothes.

In order to get rid of these unwanted invaders, there are a couple of things you can do.

The first of them will be to kill these bugs and throw away or wash in boiled water the clothes you’ve been wearing.

There are many chemical solutions that can also give you a hand when it comes to lice, but they will also harm your general health: all chemical substances can affect your skin and internal organs in time, so it’s best to choose a natural remedy for lice.

How Natural Remedies for Lice Work

The main purpose of these Natural Remedies for Lice is to kill the bugs easily and cheaply. In order to do that, the remedy needs to contain both fats and acids in order to stop lice from spreading.

You must really pay attention to your personal belongings and the time you last used them or you risk forming lice again after getting rid of them in the first place.

Doctors recommend that you cautiously burn the comb, your hairbrush, and the other objects that came in contact with your skin in order to make sure those lice will be gone forever.

Efficient Natural Remedies for Lice

In order to be effective, these Natural Remedies for Lice need to contain an important amount of fats and acids. However, if you have no idea which remedies are we talking about, here’s a list for guidance:

Mayonnaise – you can either buy it from the grocery store or prepare it at home, using mustard, an egg, sunflower oil, and a drop of lemon juice. Cover your hair with mayonnaise, making sure that you rub a little on your neck and under your ears areas too.

Leave the mayonnaise in for two hours in order to stop lice from developing eggs, then shampoo as many times as you need until you wash all mayonnaise out of your hair.

Vaseline – you can use it the same way you use the mayonnaise and then wash it off your hair. However, make sure the Vaseline doesn’t drip on your furniture by using a shower cap.

Olive Oil – is less effective than the other two remedies, so you might want to repeat it twice before noticing the results. Use the Olive Oil just like any other shampoo: rub it in your hair for about 5 minutes and leave it in for two hours.

Wash it off, dry your hair and repeat the procedure within an hour. Before washing the olive oil off again, comb your hair to remove all dead lice, and in the future try to be more careful when it comes to your personal hygiene.

Natural Remedies for Lice Side Effects

When taken according to specifications, these Natural Remedies for Lice are one hundred percent safe. However, high dosages may lead to skin rash.

Don’t take any of these remedies if you’re already suffering from acne, opened wounds, or cuts. Before starting any type of natural remedy, talk to a specialist or to your doctor in order to avoid further complications.

If he gives you the green light and there’s nothing that could interfere with your treatment, choose a natural remedy for lice that fits best your needs and enjoy its wonderful health benefits! Remedies For Lice

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