Natural Remedies For Whitening Teeth

Natural Remedies For Whitening Teeth

Natural Remedies For Whitening TeethMany of you think that only coffee and cigarettes cause teeth discoloration.

That’s not entirely true: almost anything you eat stains your teeth, from eggs to sodas.

If you’ve been drinking acid drinks for a while, now you know why your white pearls are not that white.

There are also many internal problems which may lead to this affection: cancers, gastritis, dysentery, scorbutic related diseases as well as pregnancy or a lack of calcium in your body.

Whitening Teeth Process

Of course, the folklore has many stories about whitening teeth at home, some of them work and some of them don’t. It’s also true that traditional medicine found a treatment for almost any affection, including discolored teeth.

These treatments, however, are very expensive and not always effective, so you may want to give herbal remedies a try before rushing off to your dentist.

Whitening Teeth Natural Remedies

Using a natural remedy to whiten your teeth will not only give you the results you’ve hoped for, but it will also treat a number of other health problems, such as mouth infections on gastric disorders.

If you don’t know which remedy fits best your problems, here are a couple of tips for you:

Baking Soda Brushing – everybody has it in their kitchen. All you have to do is use this magical powder the same way you’re using your toothpaste or even add it to your toothpaste when brushing your teeth.

However, only try this once a day for a short time period (3- 7 days, in order to avoid gingivitis or sensitive gums).

Strawberries – are a great Natural Remedies for Whitening Teeth. Thanks to their acid agents and granular cells, these delicious fruits will make your teeth whiter within minutes.

They are also safe, so you don’t need to worry about that. However, make sure you don’t eat too much or you’ll get diarrhea. You can either rub them on your teeth for 10 minutes or just eat them and enjoy their lovely taste!

Apples – Apples contain an important amount of acids, which means that they have the ability to cleanse not just your teeth, but also your skin, when applied topically, as a mask. Rub small apple pieces into your teeth and enjoy your white pearls within days!

Raisins – these Natural Remedies for Whitening Teeth contain the same active constituent as apples and strawberries and you can use them the same way. Just make sure you don’t eat too much in order to avoid developing acid foods and drink intolerance.

Natural Remedies for Whitening Teeth Side Effects

When taken properly, these Natural Remedies for Whitening Teeth are one hundred percent sure.

However, make sure’ you’re not allergic to any of these ingredients before using them, if you’ve noticed something unusual, talk to your doctor immediately!

Other than that, feel free to combine these ingredients for better results. If there’s nothing that could interfere with your treatment, choose a home remedy that fits best your needs and enjoy nature’s great benefits! Remedies For Whitening Teeth

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