What You Need To Do Before Cutting Your Hair

What You Need To Do Before Cutting Your Hair

What You Need To Do Before Cutting Your HairMany of us are trying to avoid mistakes as much as possible, especially when it comes to styling our hair. Before cutting your hair, you have to gather as much information as you can before choosing a certain shape, even if we’re talking about a bob or an edgier look. No matter what you choose, take a picture with you at the salon so that the stylist knows exactly how you want your hair to look. Also, there are many women who choose their hairstyles from TV or magazines, in which case bringing a photo with you would be mandatory.

What is your lifestyle?

There is no point in going for a high-maintenance look if you don’t even have time to go to lunch. Try a more versatile style instead and go for a look that can be both spectacular and easy. This way, you’ll always look chic and you won’t have to use many styling products.


Try to go to a professional salon, so that you won’t encounter any displeasing services. You can actually ask former clients what went wrong and so on or you can ask on a forum. Whichever you decide to do, it will only be in your interest, so don’t just randomly pick a salon. After all, it’s your hair we’re talking about!

Have a talk

Before cutting your hair, have a talk with your stylist in order to make sure that he knows what you want from him. Also, you can ask more about the style you’ve chosen and even see if it will suit you or not. Let the stylist know what you like most about your hair and what you hate about it and let him come up with ideas. He will also take a look at your hair’s structure and recommended the most appropriate hairdo.

Learn to say “no”

If the stylist suggests something that’s just not adequate for you and you know you wouldn’t feel comfortable with it, then just say no. If you don’t, you may end up having a ridiculously bad-looking hairdo and, therefore, start wearing hats a lot more often than you should. It takes time to trust your stylist and for your stylist to know your personal style.

Ask questions

Do you want to maintain your look fresh days after leaving the salon? Well, then, ask your stylist what products to use in order to obtain the same effect. And the most important thing is to ask him to give you multiple styling ideas, so you don’t get bored in time.

Beauty school students

If you’re brave enough, you can go to a salon where there are many interns or students that are supervised by a senior stylist. Aside from paying a smaller amount of money, you could actually meet a good stylist and stick with him for quite a while.

Very important!

Don’t wash your hair before you have it cut. They will wash it for you at the salon, so there’s no need to blow dry your hair twice. It may cause breakage and hair loss!

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