Top 10 Workout Trends For 2017

Top 10 Workout Trends For 2017

Top 10 Workout Trends For 2017We all now working out has benefits to our overall health. The exercises routines that are associated with workouts are endless that range from sculpting to shaping our bodies physically to protecting us against the risk of major diseases: cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. But there is an overabundance of workouts that falling in and out of fashion every year, it factor,” so which work-out routines are busting out at the gyms and setting the workout trend for 2017?


The calisthenics workout plan in layman’s terms, this is bodyweight training without the need for workout machines. It uses your entire body collectively rather than isolating one small body area at a time. As a result, you not only build strength, flexibility, and balance overall but you also develop a better awareness of your body movement whereby you’ll be more in tune with it. Best associated with muscle-ups. pull ups, bar levers, plus trending Instagram pictures of the human flag and other gravity-defying movements. Respect!

  • Great for novices who want to ease into building strength
  • Exercises are easy to modify as you progress
  • Can be used without fancy gym equipment
  • No expensive gym memberships required


  • Hard to advance to the more complex moves on your own
  • Requires proper knowledge as wrong technique can lead to injury
  • Not a balanced focus on leg training, potentially leaving you with “chicken legs.”

Barre Workouts
Barre Workouts

The buzz word right now seems to be Barre! These workouts are the latest trend in 2017 that is spreading like wildfire. Inspired by the ballet movements, Barre workouts consist of stretching and toning the body by using a handrail which focuses on core conditioning. The movements are low impact but high intensity and although there are many types different of Barre workouts popping up they all have one thing in common, Ballet!

  • No experience required
  • Low-risk of injury
  • Modifiable if you have an injury
  • Safe for pregnant women


  • It is expensive
  • Difficult to do at home
  • Not much diversity
  • Your body may plateau after a while
  • Needs Barre instructor

Plyometric Workouts
Squat Jumping Workout

Plyometric training also is known as “jump training” or “plyos” are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (speed strength). It has been used by top athletes for years because it is designed to improve their power, speed, and explosiveness. It consists of high knee raises, burpees and various jumps that target muscle fibers that running and jogging don’t. This is not for the faint-hearted as these “bounding” exercises that will push your body to its limits creating that adrenaline rush that everyone loves right


  • Increases power
  • Good weight (fat) loss results
  • An enjoyable high-intensity workout
  • Wide variety of movements reduces the boredom factor


  • High injury risk
  • Requires longer warm up and cool down process to keep injury risk down
  • Coach recommended for more advanced movements
  • Range of equipment is needed for progression


The Megaformer
The Megaformer Workout

The unstoppable rise of the Megaformer. Hollywood’s celebrity workout made popular by the toned body transformation of Kim Kardashian! If you take a look at the Megaformer, you’d be mistaken for thinking, that it’s essentially the same as a Pilates Reformer. Yes, the two pieces of equipment share some similarities in design. What is great about this trending workout is the Megaformer allow users to address all five basic elements of fitness, cardio, strength, endurance, body composition, and flexibility without while reducing joint-damaging high-impact movements. It uses adjustable spring-loaded resistance which allows for a peak muscle contraction while reducing the stress on the joints. Because you’re working with and against resistance slowly, the tension on your muscles stays constant, recruiting more muscle fibers. The Slow and controlled movements activate your slow-twitch fat-burning muscle fibers, this increases your stamina and oxygen capacity of the muscle which the body to burn energy for longer periods of time. It has, inadvertently, been referred to as a “Pilates machine on steroids.” No wonder this trend is set to be huge!


  • Suitable for all levels of fitness
  • Small class numbers
  • High level of individual attention
  • Full body workout in under an hour


  • It is expensive
  • Very few equipped studios
  • Difficult to schedule a session
  • Needs a specialized instructor
  • Not advised to train every day as muscles require recovery
  • Difficult to train at home

Jump Rope Workout
Jump Rope Skipping

Skipping rope is not just for school kids in the playground or the aspiring boxer; Jump Rope is making regular appearances in gyms across the country. It can be done almost anywhere using a wide range of different ropes. So why is skipping so popular at the moment you ask? Well, it can improve your coordination, agility, tone as well as cardiovascular fitness all at once. It may be an oldie, but it sure is a goodie!


  • Inexpensive as only investment is a skipping rope
  • No gym memberships required
  • Can be done indoors or outdoors
  • Effective weight (fat) loss workout
  • Can be fun and enjoyable


  • You need to be able to jump continuously for at least 20 minutes for effectiveness
  • Jumping less than 1-2 inches above the ground requires skill
  • Continuous ground impact increases injury risk
  • After time progress will plateau as your body becomes conditioned
  • Requires adequate rope clearance whether indoors or outdoors

H.E.A.T. (High Energy Athletic Training)
High Energy Athletic Training

High Energy Athletic Training – H.E.A.T or HEAT for short, has been developed to improve one’s fitness through an educated and more specialized approach. During a HEAT work out the intensity level is progressively increased (just like in athlete training sessions), it, therefore, offers a leading-edge workout that pushes you physically and mentally. The HEAT workouts are based on three very distinct science-based phases of cardio, strength, and muscular endurance. They incorporate drills such as sled pushing, speed footwork and sprinting to make you feel like an athlete in training.


  • A good all-around fitness workout
  • Science-based routines
  • Interesting drills
  • Can be individualized


  • Expensive
  • Not for novices
  • High risk of injury
  • Requires experienced coaches

Cross Fit
Cross Fit Workout

CrossFit workouts are springing up everywhere and have a huge online presence. This program was designed to build a body capable of mastering ten physical skills: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy. Unlike its early days, CrossFit integrates exercises like burpees, box jumps. kettlebell swings, alternating lunges, air squat to name a couple. A Word of caution though; CrossFit by its very nature is designed to push you far, hard and fast which can attract some individuals who like pushing themselves way beyond their limitations!


  • Scalable workouts to suit everyone
  • Group training offers camaraderie
  • Allows for constant improvement
  • All-round fitness


  • It is expensive
  • Not suitable for specialization
  • High injury risk
  • Requires spotting to keep form in check
  • Not easily done from home

Yoga Class

Yoga is not new, but its trend status continues to grow, and rightly so because its benefits are vast. It reduces stress, anxiety and allows blood to flow throughout the body more efficiently. Yoga has so many benefits; it improves your flexibility, strength, it also boosts your immune system, helps you to focus, boosts your metabolism, reduces anxiety, boosts brain power, and teaches you to know yourself, to name a few. Because this year has become about mindful exercise, forwarding thinking personal trainer and gyms are creating mind and body studios lit by candlelight and infused with soothing smells of essential oils.


  • Physically and spiritually strengthening
  • Sculpts and tones every muscle group in your body
  • Only work out that detoxifies the body by massaging internal organs
  • Choice of classes for every level
  • Minimum equipment – only a yoga mat is needed


  • Studio classes are expensive
  • Difficult to find the right blend of yoga style and teacher
  • You must have time as a good class is typically 90 minutes
  • Progression is difficult in large classes
  • If practiced inappropriately can cause muscle cramp and/or injury


Pole Workouts
Pole Workouts

Pole dancing workouts have come of age whereby it no longer associated with tantalizing striptease routines but now offers incredible fitness workouts and benefits. Flexibility,  weight loss, body toning, strength, endurance, and personal confidence are guaranteed along with a fantastic core work out. In other words, pole workouts will make you mind-blowingly strong! No surprise that it is trending with women and even men are doing it, as it offers a total workout that is fun, exciting and a lot more appealing than the usual workouts.


  • Total body workout
  • Fun and challenging which reduces boredom
  • Small class numbers
  • Progression easily monitored


  • Expensive
  • Few equipped studios
  • Not easy to do at home, i.e., installing a pole, height, and space
  • Requires a coach especially for beginners

Personal Training
Personal Training

The most sought after service in the fitness market is a Personal Trainer, a trainer who can provide a custom-made training program for you reach your fitness goals. The biggest advantage for a Personal Trainer lies in-hand picking a trainer with whom you can build a personal relationship of trust and work with you to hit your fitness targets. The surge in budget no thrill gyms now means that the service of a Personal Trainer has become a more affordable reality. In fact, research shows that working with a trainer one-to-one on a regular basis can actually change an individual’s attitude toward fitness and increase their progression by at least 20%. This is sure to supersede all other workout trends!


  • Tailored specific training and programs
  • Constant monitoring while training
  • Accountability
  • Lower risk of injury
  • Progression and motivation
  • Nutrition advice


  • Finding a PT that suits your needs
  • Can be expensive over time
  • Availability of good trainer may be an issue

The Conclusion:

The one common factor you see in these workout trends that stands out for me is the reinvention of exercise names! Ultimately the objectives for working out is the same, but the delivery and packaging of these workout trends boil down to whatever tickles your fancy. Research continuously shows that exercise shouldn’t be used just for achieving optimal fitness, it should also be balanced with the correct nutrition and diet.

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