Oregano Essential Oil Benefits

Oregano Essential Oil Benefits

The trends of today are now veering away from the synthetic. Instead, many are shifting their lifestyles towards going green and organic. News on global warming and on other environmental issues have at last made its mark on society, thus the movement towards a more environment-friendly lifestyle. Now energy efficient technology and organic products are the newest fads. Even in the world of medicine, many are now shifting towards using herbal alternatives to treat common ailments, one of them being Oregano essential oil. Here is a quick list of the benefits that can be derived from it:

If infections are what have been keeping you down lately, then using this essential oil will prove to be your best chance at treating that infection. Oregano has properties which help keep the top three causes of infections at bay – namely: fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

Fungus, the most notorious of the three earns its reputation because of its difficulty to treat and its ability to spread rapidly even with just light skin contact. Now with the use of the oregano essential oil, fungal infections such as athlete’s foot are easily prevented.

Bacteria abound almost every surface, thus making bacterial infections a common starting point for many ailments. Since oregano’s oil has antibacterial properties, bacteria and germs are kept away. Even foods can be kept longer as oregano inhibits the growth of bacteria on food.

Chickenpox, measles, and mumps are spread through a virus. Being an antiviral agent, using this essential oil will help in keeping viral infections at bay.

If you suffer from irritating allergies, then using this essential oil will help instantly lessen the reaction that your body has to allergens. It will also give a soothing effect on you, thus lessening the frequency of the adverse reactions our bodies have to things we are allergic to.

Think that you suffer from intestinal worms or other parasites? Then this is the closest thing you can get when it comes to treating parasitic infestation without the aid of chemicals or other synthetic products. Tapeworms and gastrointestinal worms will be expelled if the oil is taken in controlled amounts. Even external parasites such as mites, lice, and mosquitoes are kept at a far distance.

When infections are one of your main worries, help, and relief is instantly yours thanks to the many benefits of the oregano essential oil.

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