Burn The Fat Body Transformation System

Burn The Fat Body Transformation System

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Burn The Fat Body Transformation System is an e-book written by Tom Venuto, a personal trainer and a CSCS, or a certified strength and conditioning specialist. If you’d like to find out more about Tom Venuto, you can visit Burn The Fat.

There’s a reason that Burn The Fat Body Transformation System is one of the hottest e-books to ever exist about muscle building and weight loss.

Burn The Fat Overview

Burn The Fat Body Transformation System
Burn The Fat, Body Transformation System

“BFBTS” is a kind of fat loss bible, and it’s not for the weak-willed, as it’s chock full of surprising information across 340 pages about your fitness and health, all related to the scientific facts surrounding muscle growth, food intake, and exercise.

The best aspect of BFBTS is that is works to preserve your body’s lean tissue, water, and muscle as it burns your unwanted fat. Usually, a significant weight loss at the start of your diet means that you’ve just lost a lot of water, with some losses of lean tissue and fat. The goal of BFBTS is to generate some genuine fat loss while maintaining your lean tissue.

BFBTS is written by a bodybuilding specialist; it’s not about become huge and bulking up. Anyone can use this program – any gender, fitness buffs, bodybuilders, and even just people who are interested in reading more information about fitness and health.

The Pros Of Burn The Fat

With BFBTS, you’ll find the best knowledge possible about every aspect of attaining long-term fat loss, keeping your lean tissue intact, and being more healthy. The book will serve to dispel many health and muscle myths and get into the specific details of how and why we lose fat.

You won’t find a diet in BFBTS, as it won’t trim your diet to eating only protein or eliminating carbs. What BFBTS does do is inform you and give you the ability to decide what your unique consumption of fats, protein, and carbs should be.

The base number of calories that you burn off every day, or Basal Metabolic Rate, is addressed with some fascinating facts in the book, as well as determining if your body works well with carbs.

There’s also a great chapter in BFBTS about setting personal goals. This chapter alone is worth the cost of the book. This chapter describes the ultimate methods to getting in shape and burning fat, and it has very little to do with any gimmick, diet, or training program.

The Cons Of Burn The Fat

Burn The Fat Body Transformation System is only for people who are serious about their health. There’s a ton of information in the book, and it’s a lengthy read. Over 340 pages, it’s full of content. You might initially be overwhelmed by it. If your only goal is moderate weight loss and you aren’t interested in establishing a thorough fitness regiment, BFBTS probably isn’t for you.

It’s an exceptional program, but it requires that you fight past being paralyzed by the vast quantity of information that will be delivered to you at once, and take action to improve your health using this information. The BFBTS program is just honesty about the issues you might face. “Burn The Fat Body Transformation System” won’t fit everyone’s needs.

I bought Burn The Fat last October, and I’m now so low in body fat you can see the striations. I’ve often been lean in the past, but never like this. This is Brad Pitt in Fight Club low! I have a hip-bone skinfold pinch of 2.0 mm, which on the Accu-measure chart = 4.5% body fat. I couldn’t be more pleased.

David Samuel
London, UK

Burn The Fat Body Transformation System (BFBTS) has changed my life. I have lost three dress sizes in 4 months and felt better than ever before. I now have my husband on the program. If we can do it with four kids and full-time jobs — anyone can.

Lynn Ramirez,
California, USA

Does Burn The Fat Body Transformation System Work?

However, if you’re really dedicated to optimizing your health and fitness, BFBTS is exactly the program you’re looking for. BFBTS tends to benefit those people who really sink their teeth into this volume of valuable information. Be aware that BFBTS isn’t going to eliminate the extra pounds overnight. Because BFBTS is a long term health plan that focuses on your overall well being, your weight loss rate might be slower, but maintainable.

Remember that you need to be totally dedicated to this system. You’ll absolutely lose the weight you want to lose, improve your overall health, and become more muscular. The benefits of overhauling your life like this are huge.

Even if you’re just seeking out information to build your own fitness plan, this book is an amazing source. Burn The Fat Body Transformation System can even benefit other fitness programs you’d like to use because BFBTS explains the ‘how’ behind weight loss.

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