Top 10 Secret Ingredients Behind Lip Plumpers


Know The 10 Secret Ingredients Behind Lip Plumpers

We shall have a look at the 10 most common lip plumpers ingredients and identify the safest and most efficient one. Some of the ingredients are natural and produce a pout that is temporary while others are synthetic. The greatest reward you can give to your lips is to apply the products in moderation especially the irritating ones so that you don’t end up with lip ulcers.

Alternatively, you have to use other products for about 30 days to see the collagen boost. Having a sexier pout is becoming a gold standard for many women. However, great care should be taken by people while choosing what is right for their lips.

Discover ingredients for the top 10 lip plumpers:

1Hyaluronic Acid – Injectable

It is a lip plumping ingredient that makes your skin cells bind and absorb water. In a younger person, the hyaluronic acid is in plenty and hence the skin is plump. Peptides help in the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen.


It is a lip plumping ingredient that causes the lips to swell by stimulating blood flow to the lip area. It makes the tissues around the lip area irritable thus giving a tingling feeling. It also is used in making cayenne pepper.


Increases the lip volume and dilates the blood vessels to give a pouty lip. It is not a gloss but used as supplements. The tablets can be pounded and combined with a lip gloss then apply to the lips.


Take menthol oil and add to your favorite lip gloss and apply to your lips, before that put a base of Vaseline and beeswax. It promotes the absorption of the other ingredients used in lip plumpers.


Take Wintergreen oil and add to your preferred lip gloss and apply to your lips, before that put a base of Vaseline and beeswax.

6Vitamin E Oil

You can obtain vitamin E from departmental stores and beauty shops. Vitamin E oil returns moisture that you lose when you apply plumpers such as the cayenne pepper. It also helps in the preserving products shelf life.


Cinnamon helps in achieving full lips. It can come in the form of oil or powder. Because of its potency, it is best when mixed with other ingredients. You can take a few drops of cinnamon oil and neutralize with almond oil together with your lip gloss then apply to the lips. You can mix a small portion of Cinnamon, in a powder form, with your favorite lip balm, then apply to lips. Make sure this ingredient is diluted enough otherwise you shall end up with a burn on the lips.


Peppermint oil sells at beauty shops, online stores or grocery stores. Use the oil topically to achieve a bee-stung pout. It works by stimulating circulation of blood under your lips, in turn, bringing the lips to swell and become full. You rub a drop of peppermint oil to your lips and wipe off the excess oil gently with a cotton cloth. Leave it for 5-10 minutes. It is useful to exfoliate the lips before applying the oil to penetrate the skin properly. If you have sensitive skins, please use it on unbroken skin to test if you are going to react to it.


Peptides are heroes in the fight against anti-aging. Peptides are proteins of the type amino acids. When amino acids form a long chain, they become amino acids. Skin care products have peptide serums and creams to help in rebuilding lost collagen. So peptides in formulas improve hydration, lip volume and reduce surface folds and wrinkles.


Collagen is a cell boosting molecule that helps in bringing moisture to the lips. Apply dehydrated collagen particles to your lips; then the particles instantly absorb as they seek the moisture from the body.


You can use the ingredients above to identify cosmetic products as well as try home remedies to plump up your lips. It is also important to now the side effects of the lip plumpers ingredients that you are about to use to avoid harmful effects to sensitive-skinned people. Teens should seek parental guidance before using the products. If your issues with your lips even after choosing the right products and applying correctly then look for a qualified dermatologist for a further checkup.

Due to new inventions in art and technology most women have the opportunity to achieve fuller pouty lips without injectable. With proper guidance from their dermatologist, they can opt for products that are healthy and more tolerable to their lips. It is necessary to inspect the label of the product you are buying to make sure that they have the right ingredients you are looking to have. Ingredients are essential to successful full lips watch out so that you don’t use products that thin your lips.