How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Beauty Breakout Crisis

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Beauty Breakout Crisis

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Beauty Breakout CrisisSummer brings about the fun and excitement with it, but it also brings along a plethora of beauty breakout issues. Humidity, grime, and pollution intensify your skin and hair woes. It doesn’t rest here, a lot of germs in the environment cause a lot of infections and beauty breakouts. Tea tree oil is, however, bliss in such an environment, where our skin needs a smooth transition from natural beauty go-to products to some best-suited ones.

In humidity, fungal and bacterial infections can damage our skin infecting our makeup and beauty products. These skin infections, in turn, may lead to some beauty breakout crisis like acne, skin infections, fungal infections, irritations and so on.

For Acne

Humidity and continuously breeding germs may lead to unwanted acne. Tea tree oil is one of the best home remedies for acne and other skin breakouts. It has potent antibacterial properties. Directly applying tea tree oil to the area, may not be suitable for all skin types.

How To Treat It: You must use three drops of tea tree oil diluted in a half cup of water with a cotton ball on your pimple. Tea tree oil works by reducing sebum production and fighting acne producing bacteria on the skin. Do not apply tea tree oil all over your skin, target only acne breakouts.

Dry/Itchy Eyes

In humidity, you are always under the threat of eye infections like eye flue, sty, etc. Also, the way you apply your makeup on your eyes matters a lot. When your makeup brushes are out of the makeup box for a long time, they tend to get infected by germs. These bacterias may cause itching and dryness in the eyes. Although essential oils should never be put in the eye, you can still benefit from the tea tree oil.

How To Treat It: You may use it by placing your head over a steaming pot of water with a drop of tea tree oil in it. The stream will help you reduce irritation and itching in the eyes.

Hair Dandruff

Tea tree oil is a wonder oil and its benefits include dandruff help. Tea tree oil, used in many shampoos and hair products for countering dandruff problems. However, it isn’t that pure in such products, therefore using tea tree essential oil directly is more helpful.

How To Treat It: You may use it by mixing a few drops with your usual shampoo and washing thoroughly.

Failed Manicures

As far as we know, the salons incorporate healthy and clean ways while giving you any service. But, the myth has been debunked — the salons are one of most filthy places where you could pick up any bacterial and fungal infection. And, if you’ve had any, tea tree oil is the best solution for that.

Sometimes, even a chipped nail turns into a severe infection, or a wrong manicure technique may cause finger infection. You need tea tree oil for this.

How To Treat It: You can apply 1- 2 drops of tea tree oil directly to the infected finger three times daily. You may even try soaking your nails in treated water or washing your hands with anti-fungal soap with tea tree oil or applying treated lotion or powder.

Toenail Infections

Similar to manicure fails in the salon or at home, you may fall prey to pedicure failures, where you may infect your toes. Toenail infections are hard to bear, they are painful, filthy and at times non-treatable. But a foot soak with tea tree oil may help you get rid of this beauty crisis.

How To Treat It: Add six drops of tea tree oil and ½ cup of warm cider vinegar to a bowl filled with warm water. Soak your feet ankle deep in it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Keep repeating it for a few days or weeks.


Tea tree oil is not meant to be ingested and is poisonous, only topical applications are recommended. But you could always use the alternatives like antifungal soap with tea tree oil, tea tree oil lotions and tea tree oil powder.

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