Diet for Keratosis Pilaris

Diet for Keratosis Pilaris

Diet for Keratosis PilarisKeratosis pilaris can never be cured, but its symptoms can become less obvious in time. This problem affects 40% of adults and 50% of adolescents, which is why you should adjust your treatment to your age.

You may notice these red bumps on your chicks, buttocks, upper arms, and thighs. Other than the fact that it looks quite unpleasant, keratosis pilaris causes no harm, medically speaking.

However, before starting a diet or taking a medical remedy for this health complaint, make sure that you’re indeed suffering from keratosis pilaris and not another disease, by talking to your doctor and asking for a detailed medical examination. If you’re not sure about starting a diet for this issue, you can always ask a nutritionist for guidance.

How a Diet for Keratosis Pilaris Works

The main purpose of this diet for keratosis pilaris is to reduce the redness and progressively eliminate the bumps while making sure that your entire body is well adjusted and that the diet doesn’t cause any side effects.

In order to be able to do so, this diet for keratosis pilaris must be rich in active substances, such as minerals (zinc, magnesium, sodium, manganese, and iron), acids, volatile oils, nutrients, and natural enzymes. However, before choosing foods and drinks for this diet, ask a specialist.

Efficient Diet for Keratosis Pilaris

A very efficient diet for keratosis pilaris must show results within weeks and be one hundred percent safe (so try to avoid risky treatments as much as possible). If you don’t know which ingredients this diet for keratosis pilaris should contain, here’s a list to guide you through:

– Eat foods that are rich in omega-3 fats, like organic salmon, flax seeds, and fatty fish. The food will nourish your dry skin and make it hard for keratosis pilaris to develop.

– Exercise – don’t exaggerate with it, just go for a long run every week. This way, you’ll make sure that your heart is working properly and that the blood vessels and not clotted. Also, your lungs will work to their full capacity and properly nourish your brain.

– Avoid acupuncture and rough face cleansers – keratosis pilaris is not acne, so try to avoid all acid emulsions and decoctions. Also, acupuncture is unlikely to be of any help, since the face area is quite sensitive and requires extreme care.

Green Tea – the scientists claim that this wonderful decoction contains all the ingredients necessary to sustain life. Not only that, but green tea may come in handy in case you’re also suffering from nausea, vomiting, type II diabetes, pleurisy, and pulmonary edema.

However, high dosages may lead to death, so be careful not to drink more than 2 cups per day for a short amount of time. Also, in case you’re in your menstruation or experiencing some menopausal symptoms, it’s best not to take it: it may cause internal bleedings and uterine contractions.

Tea tree oil – it is said that this substance could bring relief from pain to patients suffering from skin cancers. Also known as melaleuca oil, tea tree oil is a Melaleuca alternifolia extract, made by smashing this plant’s leaves and branch tips. The oil is used to treat respiratory problems, acne, nail and skin diseases, burns, cuts, and open wounds. Don’t take it internally: it is highly toxic!

Diet for Keratosis Pilaris Warnings

When followed according to medical specifications, this diet for keratosis pilaris is one hundred percent safe and doesn’t cause any side effects. However, exceeding the recommended dosage or simply interrupting your diet for a short amount of time can lead to many health complaints, such as nausea, acne, and even skin cancer.

If you’ve tried this diet and you’ve noticed a negative reaction or no improvement at all, ask for medical assistance right away and find out what went wrong.

Don’t start this diet if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, on pain killers, anticoagulants, or preparing for an important surgery (some of the active ingredients may interfere with your general anesthetic). Once you have your doctor’s approval, give this diet a try and enjoy its great benefits! for Keratosis Pilaris

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