7 Ways to Beat Menopausal Belly Fat

7 Ways to Beat Menopausal Belly Fat

7 Ways to Beat Menopausal Belly FatMenopause is a stage where every woman must pass through. Belly fat develops in women approaching menopause. You can handle this layer of belly fat since it depends on how willing and able to get rid of it. This menopause stage is different to every woman because every one of them has her way of tackling early menopause. Beating the menopausal belly fat is in the eyes of every woman. At this age, you should never permit belly fat to take a toll in your life when coping with other menopausal symptoms.

The following are the seven ways to beat menopausal belly fat

1Stay Vertical

Staying upright entails ensuring that your body is in motion. You burn more calories when to keep your body in action. Ensure you stay vertical throughout the day because as soon as you sit down, you switch off your fat release enzymes. Let your body be busy all the time throughout the day to avoid belly fat because the calories will concentrate more on your belly, hence causing early menopause. Try to work while standing for sometimes. Your fat cells become much less efficient at dumping fuel after the age of 40; this means you need to squeeze as much activity into your day as possible.


You need to start a day with vigorous exercise to burn off menopause weight gain. There are many exercises that you can do which may include walking, running, swimming, bicycling as well as a gym. These exercises enable the building of muscle mass to maintain your edge. You will need to work harder and longer than when you were younger to burn excess calories. Every day you should, at least, have half an hour to exercise twice a day and as you get used to the exercise increase the length, and intensity of your workouts as you build strength.

3Keep An Eye On What You Eat.

What you normally eat counts much to your menopause. Avoid mindlessly nibbling throughout the day. Menopausal women tend to overeat, and over the snack, that is when they get themselves into all kinds of troubles. Avoid junk foods since they contain a lot of fat that is not healthy for your body. Take lots of vegetables like kale since they contain vitamins that help break down excess fat in your body. About some joint pain facts, the belly fat is caused by some medication patients take to reduce joint pain. The following are some menopause herbs that help beat menopausal belly fat caused during menopause: Ginseng, Kava, evening prime rose oil and red clover among others.

4Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Have enough sleep at night to avoid insomnia that is a menopause symptom. The moment you do not sleep well you are likely to be tired of having an exercise in the morning. You are supposed to sleep 8 hours at night and at least 2 hours in a day. Enough sleep helps your body get relaxed hence breaking down belly fat. In case you normally have an enough sleep, ensure you take a bath with warm water before you retire to your bed.


Take fish in your meals since they contain omega3 fatty acid. These omega3 are capable of breaking down excess fat in your belly. Spinach is another source of omega3. Hence, you should take plenty of them especially during lunch and supper; this is because they help in digestion hence reducing constipation and enhance the burning of excess menopausal belly fat.

6Menopausal reduction supplements

These supplements help reduce early menopause. The doctor will give directions on how you should take them to avoid further health problems. Follow the doctor’s guidelines to beat menopausal belly fat and avoid further health problems.

7Control stress

Stress has the connection with fat since if you walk all the time stressed, your cortisol levels will increase hence making it easy for you to deposit fat inside the belly. To reduce stress share the problem to your friend or a family member and you will feel relieved.


Follow the above ways to beat menopausal belly fat, and you have no regrets. And you can also use a product named amberen. Seek further medical advice when you notice certain unusual changes in your body to counter more health problems.