Why Should We Take Supplements?

Why Should We Take Supplement

Why Should We Take Supplements?Because supplements are a major asset for our health. A supplement is the concentrated form of nutritious substances essential to the good functioning of the system. Quality supplements complement a basic diet and help avoid numerous deficiencies, provide a sufficient intake of essential nutrients, invigorate the system, contribute to maintaining a strong immune system, help the fulfillment of many organic functions and promote a better protection against the aging process caused by free radicals. Supplements are generally available in the form of tablets, capsules, powder, and vials.

Supplements are a major asset to anyone who wants to remain healthy or to recover their health. This also applies to people who already have healthy eating habits. While deficiencies are common, abusing vitamins or other nutrients is very seldom seen. The appropriate supplements combined with a healthy diet will allow you get the maximum out of your diet, a diet that allows you to build good reserves of nutritious elements. This will enable you to avoid constantly being on the verge of being sick. Thanks to good supplements, you will build up enough reserves to face the hardships of life.

Our foods are deficient:

  • Chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides are being added to fruits and vegetables.
  • Hormones are being injected in beef and pork.
  • Chickens are fed with meal packed with antibiotics.
  • Fruits ripen in gas chambers.
  • Flour and sugar are bleached and contain many chemicals.
  • Many products contain preservatives and artificial colors.
  • Many foods are irradiated.
  • Many foods are genetically modified.

Our diet is often deficient:

  • Because picky eaters do not eat certain fruits and vegetables.
  • Because many people are too often on a weight-loss diet (following diets that are not always balanced)
  • Because people who are always on the run are often satisfied with eating canned foods or “TV dinners”, or eating in “fast-food” restaurants.
  • Because by over-cooking many of our foods, we destroy many vitamins and enzymes.

Why do we need supplements all year-long, even during summer?

  • Because even during summer, too many of our foods are still as deficient and as packed with chemical fertilizers, insecticides, preservatives, artificial colors, etc.
  • Because too often, in the summer, we pay less attention to our diet because we are on vacation.
  • Because during summer, the sunshine encourages a better assimilation of the nutritious substances contained in food supplements.
  • Because the purpose of summer is to prepare and strengthen our body in anticipation of the coming winter months.

Can children take supplements?

Yes, they can. Choose supplements that are specifically made for them and food supplements that are, in fact, particularly nutritious foods. Because health is the most precious thing that we can give them, we serve them best by complementing their diet with the appropriate supplements. Nutrition supplements simply enrich our basic diet for better results. Nutritional supplements can be taken at anytime and for as long as we want to remain healthy.

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