Jasmine Essential Oil benefits

Jasmine Essential Oil benefits

What is Jasmine Essential Oil?

Jasmine is an evergreen shrub with a climbing habit. It has been known to grow up to 10 meters high. The Dark green leaves are barely recognizable when the white star-shaped flowers are in full bloom.

The aroma is most intense at night when the flowers are collected.

The Extraction process

The extraction of Jasmine Essential Oil is a slightly more complex task compared to most other oils. Firstly a ‘concrete’ by solvent extraction and an absolute is obtained from the concrete by separation with an alcohol, an essential oil is produced off the absolute by steam distillation.

Uses as an Essential Oil

Jasmine Essential Oil is used largely in the manufacture of perfume but has many other beneficial uses.

Jasmine Oil has been used for symptoms of severe depression. It can provide a feeling of confidence by soothing away nerves.

Jasmine can provide an increased sense of energy and euphoria.

Historically, Jasmine Essential Oil has been used in many areas of childbirth from increasing contractions to pain relief. After childbirth, it may assist in maintaining the flow of breast milk.

The following is a brief summary of some of the benefits and possible uses of Jasmine Essential Oil in a home setting.

  • Jasmine oil may relieve tired aching joints, muscle spasms, and sprains.
  • Jasmine is soothing to the skin and may assist in the repair of stretch marks wound and scar healing. It is suitable for both oily and dry skin.
  • Jasmine Oil may assist Male Sexual performance.
  • Jasmine may have benefits for the Upper respiratory system, it can relieve coughs and improve a croaky voice.
  • Jasmine Oil can be used in Vaporisers and Burners, and as a massage oil.


Essential oils have many benefits and can aid in the prevention or healing of many complaints. Every individual is different. Some essential oils can be toxic. Some oils must never be ingested while others require limited exposure to the sun due to phototoxicity. Read the label and ask your supplier if you are in doubt of the safest use for any particular oil.

An additional safety precaution: be aware that this is a very relaxing oil and may cause reduced concentration levels.

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