7 Marvelous Eye Makeup Looks for Deep-Set Eyes

7 Marvelous Eye Makeup Looks for Deep-Set Eyes

7 Marvelous Eye Makeup Looks for Deep-Set EyesSo what are deep-set eyes? Deep set eyes typically mean that your eye sockets are set further into the skull. Deep set eyes give the appearance of having a prominent brow bone. Deep set eyes can either be hooded or not.

To have a better idea of what deep-set eyes look like look up images of Penelope Cruz, Kim Kardashian, and Natalie Portman. As you can see with these celebrities, their deep-set makes them look even sexier. Come-hither eyes are easier to master if you have deep set eyes.

What’s great about deep-set eyes is that while most women will have to swipe gray or black eyeshadow over and over their creases to make it look like they a natural crease shadow, ladies with deep-set eyes have to do no such thing. The cons of deep-set eyes, however, may need a little bit of skill to hide or overcome. Deep set eyes, because they are set so deeply into the skull, can tend to look tired and sunken (it doesn’t help if you have dark circles under the eyes). These eyes are easy to work if you’re going for a heavy smoky look, not so ideal if you’re trying to go for a fresher everyday look. So how do you apply makeup on your eyes for both those looks?

Below are some looks as well as useful tips for making your deep set eyes look mysterious instead of tired.

1Ideal Look for Deep-Set Eyes

Makeup, whether it is for eyes, face, or nose, is all about bringing light to areas with too much shadow and bringing darkness to areas where there is too much light. Light colors tend to expand areas, so if you want an area of your face to look bigger go with lighter colors. On the flipside, dark colors tend to minimize areas. Black tends to be slimming, right? It’s the same principle.

For deep-set eyes, it is important to remember that because of a prominent brow bone, deep-set eyes typically also already have pronounced natural crease shadows. So you have to introduce more light in those areas. Conversely, deep-set eyes also tend to be large so swiping a light color all over the lid could easily make your eyes too wide for your liking. A way to address this issue would be to add darker colors on the outside of your eyes.

2Everyday Look

As we talked about above, it can be quite challenging to create an everyday look for deep set eyes. As a rule, these kinds of eyes tend to do better with a lot of smokiness on the outside of the eye. So what do you do if you just want a simple everyday look that can get you out of the door in 10 minutes tops?

What you do:

As a general rule, you must start with a primer (so your makeup stays on the whole day) and then put a good concealer on. Deep set eyes can look tired. To make your eyes look fresh and rested cover dark under eye circles with concealer. Pro tip: use coconut oil to moisturize the skin around the eyes, or you can use Pura Bella an anti-aging cream to prevent darkening. Also, apply eye drops to combat redness.

After the base has been set, swipe a light color all over your eyelids. Choose a darker hue of a cool color. Old rose would be perfectly light without being too pastel. Put on a thin layer of eyeliner just along the lash line and then don’t forget to put mascara on.

3The Perfect Brows for Deep-Set Eyes

Nothing brings out deep-set eyes more than perfect eyebrows. A lot of factors go into considering what the best type of brow is for you. Go to a professional to see what kind of brow suits your eye shape and face shape best.

4Super Simple Deep-Set Eye Makeup

If you absolutely cannot be bothered with light shadows, creases and dark smoky shadows you might just want to use eyeliner. Luckily for you, deep-set eyes can get away with almost any kind of eyeliner from thin lines to full-on cat eye! Remember to create a base, put your eyeliner on, curl your lashes (helps keep your eyes look less tired) and apply mascara.

5Night out Look for Deep-Set Eyes

The great thing about deep-set eyes is that it can get away with highly shimmery colors. The prominent brow bone gives you a natural crease shadow, so you can highlight your lids with worrying about losing y our crease. Take advantage of this by using a light shimmery color on your lids and a complimentary dark color on the outside corners of your eyes.

6Choosing Dark Colors for Deep-Set Eyes

Because there is so much natural shadow in deep-set eyes, it can be quite tricky to use dark eyeshadow when selecting colors. However, it is all about where and how you apply it. Start using the dark shade on the outer corner of the lid. Blend upward onto the crease. Take care not to put too much shadow toward the inside of the crease.

7Additional Tips

Deep set eyes will benefit a lot from the nude opaque eyeshadow. It is light enough not to overwhelm the eye but not too light that it makes the eyes too big. Just simply swipe a mauve color onto the eyelid, blending it out a little bit towards the crease. Put on a cat eye, some fake eyelashes, and you’re gold!