How To Get Rid Of The Double Chin

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How To Get Rid Of The Double ChinIf you have a double chin and no idea how to get rid of it, do not despair: there are a few things you could do.

This problem occurs in time, when the facial muscles tend to loosen up, affecting people over 50, menopausal women, or pregnant ladies. Also, if you are used to eating fatty foods, you may encounter this unpleasant thing at a very young age.

Recent research proved that the cause may also be genetic or medical, due to hormonal imbalances (thyroid growth). The double chin can be caused by smoking, radiation, or infection (parasites, bacteria, fungi).

Almost 40% of the world population is predisposed to develop this unaesthetic layer of fat which can be removed surgically, but the whole process is very expensive. If you are suffering from a serious case of double chin, the doctors will recommend natural remedies.


Try a few simple exercises in order to eliminate the double chin. Sit down on a chair or a sofa and lay back your head, so that you only see the ceiling in front of your eyes. Close your mouth and start moving your teeth just like you’d be chewing gum. Repeat this 100 times a day.

Another thing you can do is open your mouth widely, for 15 seconds and then close it back and relax. Repeat this four times a day or try to move your cheeks from left to right and otherwise, so that you stretch all the muscles on your neck.


This is another thing you could go for in case the double chin is giving you a hard time. All you have to do is massage your chin with the back of your hand for 5 minutes, twice a day. Also, use your hand to gently hit the extra skin for two minutes before going to bed. Make sure the moves are fast, very similar to the massage technique.

Natural remedies

They are probably the most effective treatments when it comes to double chin, so listen up. Apply dandelion leaves on your affected areas, after previously smashing them. After two weeks, you’ll no longer feel the discomfort and the swelling will be visibly reduced. You can also try other herbs, like black grass, green tea, or horsetail grass.

Another thing you could try is an infusion made of egg white, renowned for its ability to tighten up the loosened tissue. Here is what you need to do: beat up two egg whites and apply the resulting composition on your face and neck just like you do with your normal facial mask. Stay like this for 15 minutes and then rinse using lukewarm water.

And let’s not forget about the amazing benefits of argyle. Just prepare a thick argyle and water mask, apply it all over the affected area, and leave it on overnight so that the health benefits are correctly released. If you are worried about staining the pillowcase, cover it with an old, but clean, cotton towel. Repeat this twice a week for at least two months and you should be able to see an important improvement right after the second use of this mask.

Last but not least, cabbage may also be of help. You’ve probably heard that this vegetable is extremely efficient in cases of swollen feet. Well, why not use its great properties for your double chin as well? Just buy a big round cabbage, smash the leaves with the back of a spoon and apply them on your neck every night before going to bed.

See which remedy works best for you! If you have other tips and tricks on how to get rid of the double chin, share them on our Facebook account, and don’t forget to stay healthy and positive no matter what! To Get Rid Of The Double Chin

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