Argyle Treatment: Benefits And Advice

Argyle Treatment: Benefits And Advice
Argyle Treatment: Benefits And AdviceArgyle treatment is one of the oldest beauty techniques because the water and argyle powder combination can work miracles for your skin, and muscles, while also being able to reduce stress.
 Even if you risk making a mess in your bathroom when trying this treatment, the results are quite impressive, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. No wonder people have been using it ever since ancient times!

Argyle treatment: benefits

Argyle can be used for both external and internal use and you can either use it for baths, masks, wrappings or compresses. Used externally, argyle can treat the endocrine glands’ action, ulcerative colitis, high blood pressure, toxin elimination, tiredness, tuberculosis, and other digestive tract ailments.

Argyle contains copper, which stimulates the ferments in your liver, and the hormones in your glands, while also ensuring a proper change of proteins, fats, and vitamins throughout your body. Argyle is useful in case you’re dealing with skin diseases and female reproductive system complaints.

For example, taking an argyle bath twice a week will make you release rheumatism pain from your arms and legs. Mix a small amount of argyle powder with water and Aloe Vera gel and apply it on your affected areas, especially if mild burns, skin irritations, or insect bites are your problems. Once it dries off, argyle will absorb the oil excess from your pores, thanks to its abrasive texture.

If you suspect that you might be allergic to argyle or just want to make sure that there will be no side effects, take a short test by applying a small amount of argyle and water to a small portion of the skin. Wait 24 hours to see if anything is going wrong.

If you’ve just waxed or suffered from a really bad skin rash, use an argyle bath instead of argyle wrappings so that the effect is milder. It is also important to know that you should only use bottled water and never tap water (the latter contains chlorine).

Argyle treatment: various recipes

There are several types of argyle, including white, yellow, green, red, or blue and each one of them has different properties and benefits for you. Generally, these types of argyle contain iron, aluminum, alkaline metals, potassium, calcium, sodium, etc, but in various concentrations.

White argyle is rich in aluminum, calcium, and magnesium and it’s recommended for anemia, diarrhea, arthritis, and osteoporosis. Also, this type of argyle can soften all types of skin.

Yellow argyle is good for normal skin, being very similar in terms of effectiveness to green argyle. This means that you can also use it if your skin is sensitive, dried, or dehydrated, but in smaller amounts. In case acne scars have been bothering you for a while now, just use yellow argyle and you’ll see the difference.

Red argyle is quite rare, rich in aluminum, iron, and titanium, and is used to treat arthritis, osteoporosis, and sprains. The cosmetic industry uses this type of argyle for skin regeneration treatments and acne solutions. You may want to look for it especially if you’ve got dried and sensitive skin.

Blue argyle is renowned for its ability to purify your body and detox the organism, as well as for its cleansing properties. This way, it will maintain a youthful aspect of the skin, erasing wrinkles and eliminating the toxic residues, which makes it a great adjuvant for psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis.

Green argyle has a wide range of properties, thanks to the fact that it also contains many minerals. This type of argyle is generally used for arteriosclerosis treatments, acne, sebum excess, and toxins eliminations, as well as inflammations.

Argyle baths

Combine a cup of argyle with some mineral water and stir until you obtain a light creamy paste. Add this composition to your bathtub water, stirring constantly. Remember to take a glass of water with you when taking this bath because you may feel a bit dehydrated. Enjoy this bath for 20-30 minutes. Afterward, use a good moisturizer, because this kind of bath has exfoliating properties which may dry out your skin.

Argyle wrappings

If you’ve decided to go for an argyle treatment, don’t forget about the wrappings. Here’s what you need to do: mix a cup of argyle with a cup of water and stir until you obtain a thick paste. Using a spatula or a brush, apply this paste to your affected areas, wrap a cotton towel around you and choose a place to relax for the next 30 minutes. Treatment: Benefits And Advice

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