How To Have Beautiful Legs

How To Have Beautiful Legs

How To Have Beautiful LegsEvery woman wants to have beautiful legs, but how many of us ladies would even consider giving up wearing heels?

In time, heels lead to varicose veins, wrinkled skin on your feet, and severe joint problems, but, if you are going to put your body through all this pain, at least make sure to establish a massage routine to counterbalance the pain.

First of all, make sure the shoes you are wearing are not going to damage your feet in the long term. As you may have seen lately, Lady Gaga has been photographed falling down because of her skyscraper heels, even if she’s just had hip surgery. Be a smart woman and don’t follow in her footsteps. Here are other tips and tricks:

  • If you have a pair of shoes that you absolutely adore even if they make your feet hurt really bad, try to place a winged tampon inside them: this way, walking in them will be almost like stepping through the green grass.
  • Massage your legs with hot oil every evening, especially if you’ve been walking in heels the whole day. You can choose from a wide range of natural oils, like olive oil, sweet almonds oil, or even castor oil. Just make sure you won’t burn your skin with this treatment.
  • If you’ve been dealing with chapped feet and this is why you are avoiding sandals, you should either see a specialist or massage your feet with a handful of sand every night before going to bed. Apply a light cream afterward and put some cotton socks on. Try to repeat this procedure every night, until you notice an important improvement.
  • If you feel that the skin on your legs became saggy, buy a pair of long socks and wear them as often as you can.
  • If you don’t have a treadmill already, it’s about time you buy one! Gradually increase the distance you are going to run, buy a pair of quality sneakers and go jogging in your own home!
  • Eat right for your body type and for your needs and, if possible, give up sugar. You can replace cookies with fruits and vegetables. Also, coffee is not a good idea either, so drink green tea instead.
  • Be careful when waxing or shaving your legs, in order to avoid burns and cuts. In fact, use a good scrub before removing your hair. This way, everything will work way smoother.
  • If you are suffering from swollen feet or tired legs, just apply cabbage leaves on and stay like this for a few hours. You can also try apple slices or coconut water.
  • You’ve probably noticed that, when tanning your legs, the knees tend to get darker. To prevent this, use a very powerful sunscreen on this area and apply it abundantly so that the tan looks even.

Keep all these things in mind the next time you buy a pair of nice but painful stilettos and try to put your health first. There’s no rule that says your beauty is defined by your shoes, so why bother? Stay healthy, stay positive, and pay more attention to your body! To Have Beautiful Legs

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