How To Choose Your Hair Color Based On Your Astrological Sign

How To Choose Your Hair Color Based On Your Astrological Sign

How To Choose Your Hair Color Based On Your Astrological SignIf you want to change something about your looks, but have no idea which color to choose, you can try something that suits your astrological sign. Find out which hair shade fits you best based on your personality.

Aries hair color

It’s well known the fact that people who are under the Aries sign have a strong character, being go-getters. If you were wondering which hair color should an Aries female have, wonder no more, for red nuances are the ones to go for. In fact, you could enhance your powerful personality by adding some burgundy highlights as well.

Taurus hair color

Taurus is a very controversial sign, being both stubborn and unstable. Usually, you can’t make a Taurus change his mind and this is why specialists believe that the best thing for a female Taurus is to dye her hair copper red, in order to match her personality.

Gemini hair color

Gemini is a dual air sign, which means that their personality is a very sociable, but unstable one. Gemini people love life, are always on the run, and prove to be excellent party people. If this is your astrological sign, choose almond and caramel colors for your hair.

Cancer hair color

Cancer is a water sign, full of sensibility, but quite shy. To match these aspects of your personality, try some bright highlights for your hair.

Leo hair color

Leo is a fire sign, proving great people skills and a great desire for taking the center stage in almost any environment. Leos have strong personalities, so the best thing would be to go for gold shades. If you haven’t taken into consideration honey blonde for your hair, is about time you do!

Virgo hair color

Virgo is a sign which describes organized people. Thanks to the fact that Virgos are very rational and disciplined. If this is your sign, choose natural nuances, like brown, because they are easy to maintain and don’t require extra care.

Libra hair color

Libra is an air sign and people belonging to it are sensitive and show a great interest in arts. If you are a Libra, ask for a champagne blonde the next time you go to a hair salon.

Scorpio hair color

This astrological sign belongs to the water element, meaning that it defines people with a keen interest in mystery and drama. Therefore, you should try dark colors, because they are able to enhance your naughtier side.

Sagittarius hair color

If you are a Sagittarius, you are a very passionate person, so auburn would be the best hair color you could possibly have. You may also try copper or wine red.

Capricorn hair color

As a Capricorn, you are described as being serious, precise, ambitious, and willing to commit. Since you also like luxurious things, it’s best to go for dark brown shades. This way, your hair will shine when you go out in the sun.

Aquarius hair color

Aquarius is an astrological sign which sums up qualities like verve and joy in life. Probably this is why Aquarius people look a lot younger than they really are. If this is your sign, your character will be emphasized by unconventional hair shades, like violet or pink. Just go crazy!

Pisces hair color

Pisces is a water sign, described by a vivid imagination and overwhelming creativity. The best way to capture all your qualities would be to dye your hair platinum blonde. You can add lowlights or highlights as often as you want to, in order to express your personality. Good luck! To Choose Your Hair Color Based On Your Astrological Sign

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