How To Choose Your Bra

How To Choose Your Bra

How To Choose Your BraDiscrete, delicate or sexy, the bra is a symbol of everything that is feminine and voluptuous. Although bras come in many shapes and sizes, it’s very hard to find one that fits you perfectly and is also able to help you look amazing.

Without further talk, here are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing your bra.

Learn how to determine your bra size

Never buy a bra just because it looks nice and try to find out if it fits you first. Don’t worry; you don’t have to try on each and every bra in the store. The size of a bra is determined by certain criteria, which means that you’ll have to measure your body a few times in order to get the right size. Also, when performing these measurements, remember to take off all your clothes.

The cup size – measure your chest all the way to your spine and write down the result.

The size under the cup – measure the area that is located right under your breasts and write down the result as well. Now determine the difference between the two results and if you got less than 13, your size is A (the smallest cup). For cup B, the difference must be somewhere around 14-13 cm, for cup C- 16-17cm, and for cup D – 18-19 cm. If the difference is bigger than 20 cm, you need an E or an F cup.

For example, your cup area showed 88 cm, and the under-breast measurement was 72 cm. The difference is 16 cm, which means that you’re a cup C and your final bra size is 70C because 72 is closer to 75 (the other sizes are 70, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110).

Try on many types of bras

When you are in a lingerie store, don’t hesitate to try on as many styles and shapes of bras as possible. This way, you’ll know which one suits you best (the push-up ones, the V cleavage ones, and so on). Only buy a bra if you are one hundred percent with the way it looks on you and tries to have fun in the process.

Beware of your body transformation

Specialists recommend that you take your measurements at least once a year because your body is going through a change. Whether you just gave birth, are enjoying your new body after a long diet, or, on the contrary, you’ve gained some weight, the changes in your body will be visible.

Other tips and tricks to correctly choosing your bra

– A bra must follow your breast size and be comfortable. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.
– Make sure the wires that sustain the bra won’t cause you any sort of discomfort. The cups must always hold and keep in place your breasts.
– Even if you already know your size, don’t hesitate to try the bra on you never know if there is a manufacturing mishap or not, so it’s best to be safe than sorry, especially if you’re about to buy something quite pricey.
– It’s great that you have friends who are willing to go shopping with you, but you don’t really have to rely on their opinion. A good bra is a bra that you feel comfortable in and that’s all there is.
– Choose fabrics that feel good to touch, are comfortable, and can be worn for several hours.

Choosing a bra is not always an easy task, so you don’t have to buy the first one that pops up. Just take your time, enjoy trying on different things and be creative! If you know what you want, but are open to new things, shopping for bras can actually be a fun thing to do! To Choose Your Bra

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