Four Types of Sleep Disorders

Four Types of Sleep Disorders

Four Types of Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are believed to develop on account of more than one reason and in fact, the numbers of different types of sleep disorders to are believed to be more than one. Furthermore, the symptoms as well as causes of sleep disorders too vary though most cases of this problem occur on account of being stressed and also because of anxiety and sadness and grief as well as due to alcohol and caffeine abuse; and, perhaps also because of the environment.

The State Of Health

An individual’s state of health to is known to cause sleep disorders and in fact, people that have become depressed as well as who suffer from chronic conditions and who have problems with alcoholism as well as pain too will be more at risk of developing problems with their sleep. Don’t also forget that insomnia too leads to many a difficulty with your sleep patterns and even conditions such as pregnancies as to menstruations too can cause you to have to worry about having to deal with sleep disorders.

The Four Main Types of Sleep Disorders


The four main types of sleep disorders need to be understood and dealt with: dyssomnia, parasomnia, medical as well as psychiatric conditions and also proposed disorders that round off these main types. The first named or dyssomnia occurs when the body cannot rest in a normal fashion and even simple things such as excessive light and noise can cause disruptions to a person’s normal resting phase leading to problems with getting the proper amount of sleep.


The second named or parasomnia occurs when a person has problems with arousal as well as with sleeping stage changeovers and examples of these include bed wetting, night terrors as well as grinding of a person’s teeth as too sleepwalking and talking in the sleep.

Medical or Psychiatric Ailments

Certain medical or psychiatric ailments too can lead to sleep disorders and when such conditions exist they cause disturbance to sleep patterns and occur on account of alcoholism and ulcers as well as because of anxiety and asthma.

Proposed Disorders

Finally, sleep disorders occur due to proposed disorders which are really related to experiencing a disturbed rest state. In simple terms, this form of sleep disorders occurs whenever a person needs to get an unusual amount of sleep that can either involve a person requiring getting a lot of sleep or even too little sleep.

There is a connection, though not too many people are aware of this, REM sleep disorders are closely associated with tiredness. In a nutshell, a person that gets to enjoy a better quality of sleep will enjoy better health and will not need to worry about this or other kinds of sleep disorders.

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