5 Effective Hair Care Tips for Oily Hair


5 Effective Hair Care Tips for Oily HairIf you are a keen follower of the latest lifestyle news, you have noticed that that the internet contains thousands of different oily hair remedies for enhancing beauty and style. Surprisingly, when it comes to hair and skin care treatments, each person has a unique way of dealing with their conditions. It can take you a lot of struggle and time before you find out the best remedy for your oily hair. Mishaps or hair loss may occur when juggling with some of the hair products available in the market. Luckily, here are the best five oily hair remedies.

Learn Your Hair Type

Getting familiar with the unique nature of your hair type is very important when trying to find the best solution for your oily hair. Sometimes hair is prone to oiliness, and sometimes not. If you have oily hair, you should take a lifetime commitment to have it at its best. It could be due to genetic factors that necessitate a regular hair care routine to prevent oiliness completely. Contact a beautician if you are not sure about what makes your hair oily. However, try the following hair care routines to find out whether there will be some improvements.

1Select Appropriate Shampoo and Conditioner for Oily Hair

You will find numerous shampoo and conditioner products in cosmetic outlets. The chances are that there is a combination that suits the needs of your oily hair. Manufacturers of cosmetics have formulas that are specially designed for dealing with oily hair. If you get the right shampoo and conditioner, you will have gone a long way in improving the condition of your greasy hair between washings. It is essential to choose your hair products with care because wrong choices can worsen the state of your already weak and oily strands. Avoid washing your hair on a daily basis to give it more time to fix itself. Skipping washes reduces product buildup and sebum deposits that are responsible for the oily hair.

2Use Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is tremendously gaining popularity in skin care treatments despite having been taken as a tasty recipe for centuries. If you have oily skin or hair, pick plenty of lemons when you go grocery shopping.

How to Use it

  • Squeeze juice from fresh lemon in a bowl
  • Add some water
  • Thoroughly massage your hair, including the scalp, using your fingers
  • Leave it to dry for about 5 minutes before rinsing with water to get a healthier, cleaner looking and refreshed hair

3Try Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is one of the best natural remedies for oily hair that you can find in your local cosmetic shop.

How to Use it

  • Mix Aloe Vera gel with shampoo that is specially designed for oily hair
  • Let the mixture cool down in the fridge for about an hour
  • Wash your hair every other day using this hair pack and expect nothing less of a less oily hair

4Your Diet

Your diet counts in defining your overall appearance as well as that of your strands. A well-balanced diet that is rich in all the essential nutrients and minerals is very important in determining the texture and color of your skin and hair. Unhealthy eating habits and mineral deficiencies can contribute to oily hair. Avoid junk foods and switch to eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

5Use Baby Powder

Powders are very useful for absorbing oils, and some people with oily skin types prefer baby powder to other treatments. Baby powder is considerably cheaper and easier to use on oily skin or hair than most cosmetic brands. Also, the results are instant, and it contains essential nutrients for hair and skin nourishment. To prevent residual build-up and to clog the pores of your scalp, remember to wash your hair soon after using it.


When it comes to dealing with oily hair, the best remedies should start with healthy lifestyle habits. You do not have to buy expensive hair treatment products to get speedy results. These five inexpensive and natural remedies for hair treatments could be all you should do to get the hair you have always craved to have. Do not hesitate to contact your hairstylist if oily hair continues to nag.